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Using Negative for Positive
It is our job to fight our desires and turn them to good.
"When G-d will widen your borders, and you will say, we will eat meat, because your soul desires that you eat meat."

Whether it is meat, money or a nice home, know that the true reason is that your divine soul has a spiritual need for this desire in order to extract and elevate the divine spark that is contained within that physical thing.
A Change in Perspective
If we only knew that each obstacle we find in our path is G‑d giving us excellent directions, we would dance for joy.
"If the journey is too great for you and you can not carry it, because the place ('hamakom') is too far".

Rabbi Moshe Alshich teaches: when a person desires something, no effort he makes to reach his goal is considered difficult. On the other hand, when forced to do something against his will, even the smallest action is like a heavy weight.
The Blessing and the Curse
Get real. Choosing the path of "good" is the way to go.
"See, I give before you today a blessing and a curse."

The Lubavitcher Rebbe explains that truly seeing even a negative situation brings us to recognize that the inner dimension and ultimate purpose of the "curse" is actually a blessing. When we do so, we see that the evil and punishment - the curse - only exist so that we have lives of free choice.
A Tale of Two Mountains
September 11th & the University Crises
The Torah teaches us that life can and should be divided into two distinct pathways: one path as a source of blessing and growth; the other as a source of curse and devastation.

Distinguishing good from bad is not an act of arrogance, peasantry or a display of closed-mindedness. It is the only way to stand up to evil and defeat it.
Sweeten Your Marriage through Your Dreams
A dream is a powerful instrument that can be a source of blessing or its opposite.
The Talmud says that the causative effect of the dream upon the future depends on the words used to interpret it. "All dreams follow the mouth." If we (or a professional dream interpreter) give the dream a positive interpretation, it is likely that a positive result will occur. And the opposite is also true.
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