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A Blessing and a Curse
Each of us has tremendous potential to reveal G-dliness in the world.
"I place before you today a blessing and a curse."

A blessing is a bestowal of divine beneficence beyond that which we deserve. A divine curse is actually a blessing in disguise. The reason such a blessing must be disguised is that it is too great to be revealed within the limited world.
After G-d
Successive rungs on the ladder of spiritual growth
G‑d’s presence is so overwhelming that if it were to be revealed openly in the world, the world could not maintain its self-awareness as being discrete from G‑d. Thus, all existence is created and sustained by G‑d "turning His back" (so to speak) on reality.
The Test of Concealment
G-d may test one by temporarily concealment of Divine favor, indicating His wish to grace us with a closer, more intense relationship with Him than we are presently able to sustain.
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