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The Power Combination of Charity and Prayer
One who gives generously gets more!
Intellectually, a person can understand that it is not right for him to do evil. Misdeeds are possible only because the intellect is divorced from the emotions.

By renewing our connection to G-d in prayer or performing acts of loving-kindness, we show that our intellect is now affecting our emotions and actions, thus healing the breach between the two halves of G-d's Name.
Spiritual and Selfless
Kabbalah teaches that one only has to gain by giving charity generously.
"When there will be a poor person amongst you…open your hand to him…."

The Ari teaches that every commandment is associated with one of the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet. When someone performs a commandment, that letter shines on his forehead for as long as he is performing that commandment; afterwards it is absorbed within him.
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