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Turn Around
The Zohar emphasizes that nothing can stand in the way of repentance.
Nothing in the world that stands in the way of G-d accepting repentance; everyone who returns to G-d, even the wicked, is received in good favor by Him and is summoned to the Path of Life.
Of Blessings and Curses
Some anger is rooted in holiness.
Moses put the choice of a blessing or a curse before the people: the blessing on Mount Gerizim and the curse on Mount Eyval. Blessing and curse are both levels of wrath, one in holiness and the other not.

Mount Eyval represents violence rooted in anger; such actions are cursed and evil. Mount Gerizim represents a decree handed down by a court; this type of clear justice stems from divine wisdom, sanctifies the name of G-d and is "blessed".
Paths of Blessing
Ultimately, the Torah provides the way to a blessed existence.
When one who strived to understand Torah departs from this world, s/he retains that consciousness when in the Spiritual World and soars up through the spiritual roads and pathways of the Torah.
The Delicate Heart
"Israel does not partake of animals not ritually slaughtered, nor of filth and dirt of reptiles and insects as do other peoples, for they are like the heart, which is soft and weak and yet is the king and the sustenance of the other limbs..."

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