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Seven Mystical Species
Kabbalah expounds upon the mystical roots of Israel's seven holy fruits.
"G-d is bringing you into…a land of wheat, barley, grape-vines, figs, and pomegranates; a land of oil-olives and honey."

The Ari teaches that, generally, the Land of Israel is a manifestation of the partzuf of Nukva, and the praises of her fruits reveal secrets of the supernal spiritual origins of seven of her sefirot.
It's All from G-d!
The Arizal explains secrets about the transmission of the commandments.
Generally, whoever keeps the commandments will prosper and live. Nonetheless, Moses said not to rebel even if pain or suffering befall you, although you keep His commandments, for He is testing you as He tested the Jewish nation by making them wander for forty years in the desert.
Dinner Table's Divine Dimension - Part 1
Kabbalah teaches the secret meditations of washing one's fingers before Grace.
The Zohar explains that eating and drinking bolster a person's material orientation by their nature, desensitizing him to spirituality and experience of divinity. The collective power of the three individual's divine souls and the positive energy generated by their camaraderie overcomes the negative power of evil.
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