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A Blessing on Your Head
Kabbalah teaches that divine sustenenance "rides" upon our blessings.
Divine influx is drawn down into this world in response to blessings, prayer and Torah study. When a person makes a blessing before eating food, the expiration of his breath as he makes the blessing releases a spark of holiness that was trapped in that food. That spark ascends on his breath and is attracted back to its holy source from where it generates a downward flow of beneficence.
For Members of the King’s Table
Based on Zohar 271b
Those present at the King's feast behaved properly to show they were members of the King's table; we should behave likewise at a Shabbat Meal, for numerous rectifications are brought about by various details enacted then.
Magic at Dinner Time
Transform your meals into a vehicle for drawing down holiness
The Zohar teaches that "Gadol" refers to the sefira of chesed; a person is only as important as the amount of kindness that he does and the sefira of chochma, directly above chesed, releases its bounty only to a person who has refined this quality.

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