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Connecting Deeply to the Divine
Each of us is our own greatest obstacle to complete attachment to the Divine.
The name "Israel" represents the lofty aspect of the victor in battle. It is used specifically now, during exile, to signify the victory of the G-dly soul over the animal soul. In the World to Come, when physical reality reveals its true G-dly source and this battle will no longer be necessary, the Jewish people will no longer be referred to by this name.
About the Land, Second-Hand
The Jewish People must experience the Land of Israel for themselves.
Moses knew that the generation standing before him was not on the same level of spiritual perception as was the preceding generation, who had witnessed the miracles of the Exodus and the giving of the Torah. He wanted to accompany them into the Land in order to boost their divine consciousness to give them the strength to conquer the Land in the fullest, most spiritual sense.
Spiritual Technology
As science has learned to unleash the power of the atom, the world has learned that size is not always an indication of power.
Through atomic power, the world has learned that size is not always an indication of power. As Jews, this teaches us that within us lies the power to change the entire world for the good. The key is by breaking our egos, allowing our inner, Divine essence to shine through.
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