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A Taste of the World to Come
The soul of every Jew has access to the Hereafter.
"I shall make your battlements of 'rubies/kadkod'"

The word ''Kadkod' can also be understood as 'twice 24'. In the messianic future, we have the number 72 (24 X 3), i.e. the Ineffable Name spelled fully as words. G-d's name will then be whole and His light will be displayed in all its power.
Upon Your Heart
Love is something that is not subservient to willpower but to one’s heart.
"And you shall love the L-rd your G-d…."

Love cannot be forced as one can subjugate his will to carry out a king’s orders. It is not subservient to willpower but to one’s heart. In light of this, our verse advises that if you keep all these afore-mentioned considerations "on your heart" – our heart will begin to develop a desire for affinity with G-d, and this will in turn develop into love for G-d.
Moses and the Leap Year
The Jubilee year reminds us to not accept converts indiscriminately.
Moses had not consulted G-d regarding the acceptance of the Mixed Multitude. Alas, not only did Moses fail to truly convert them but they also infected the Israelites proper with their lack of faith during the episode of the Golden Calf.

Moses was forced to insert an extra year (the Jubilee year) after every 49 years to serve as a warning that Israel must not again err by accepting converts wholesale and being misled by them.
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