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Developing Fetal Consciousness
Kabbalah explains that the maturation of the soul transpires in three stages.
When the righteous pass away, they serve as channels of divine influence to the followers they had when they were alive. In this sense, G-d acts through (or is "enclothed in") these righteous individuals and He becomes, so to speak, impregnated with them and His Divine beneficence is channeled through their souls.
Angels of Prayer
Kabbalah teaches that via divine names our prayer is spiritually elevated.
The Ari teaches that there is an angel appointed over prayers, who elevates them from earth to heaven, this being a journey of five hundred years. He elevates them with the power of the divine name Y-ah, which G-d used to form the worlds.
Mistake of the Mixed Multitude
Kabbalah reveals the spiritual drama between soul-roots.
When the Jews left Egypt, Moses acceded to take along a "mixed multitude" of non-Jews with them, people who had not been fully educated about the ways of Judaism and the path of the Torah. G-d did not want to accept these unfit converts. Had they not joined the Jewish people, there would have been no death or exile.
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