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Awaking in the Garden of Eden
The Zohar teaches that one who binds to the Torah connects to life itself.
Everyone who strives to understand the Torah has no fear in the spiritual or physical worlds. By learning, his soul has nourishment, and he is physically protected by its advice as to how to repent and return to his Master.
Doorways and Shady Characters
By affixing a kosher mezuzah, one merits divine protection.
We are commanded to affix mezuzot on our gates and doorways in order that we be protected by G-d when leaving or entering the house. A second reason for this commandment is similar to that of tzitzit, that a person should never forget G-d.
Prayer: Driving Me Up the Wall
Kabbala teaches that prayer is an act of war.
By putting on tallit and tefillin and preparing for prayer, one rectifies the external elements of the worlds of Yetzira, Beriya and Atzilut. The first part of the prayers dealing with the sacrifices is equivalent to actually bringing all the sacrifices mentioned and allows one to proceed higher in the spiritual worlds.

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