THEMES of Featured Ascent Lights

Don't Go Around in Circles!
There comes a time when growth means setting down roots.
"You have sojourned too long!"

Even remaining at Sinai, sponging up Torah, is not the optimum. We also have to make an impact on others, influencing them too for the better.
Hearing the Word
Jewish tradition declares that the inspiration for self change originates from Heavenly voices.
The Talmud teaches us that there are always Heavenly voices coming from Mt. Sinai telling us to do teshuvah, warning us of Heaven's impatience, cajoling us to get moving. Jewish tradition says that the inspiration for self-change originates from these Heavenly voices.
Visions of Redemption
As the destruction was prophesied, so too we trust in the renewal foretold
Every descent is for the sake of the ascent that will surely follow. The tragic events we annually mourn for at this time of year are for the purpose of the great elevation that will come from them, the rebuilding of the final and everlasting Temple, may this be fulfilled soon!
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