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Blessed Are You…
A person should consider the words of Torah always fresh.
It appears to us that our earthly existence is "reality" and anything we cannot see or touch is only "ideal", "imagination", or some such term. Thus, we speak of having been created by G-d "something out of nothing" - as though we are the "something" and G-d is the "nothing". But it is He Who is the true existence, the true "Something", and we who are but "nothing" before Him.
Layered Critique
According to Kabbalah, hidden blessings need less protection.
Moses offered two modes of rebuke in the beginning of Parashat Devarim, one cryptic and the second less subtle. The Tzemach Tzedek teaches that Moses addressed two different elements within the psyche of his listeners: the "hidden" and the "revealed". The hidden, related to the mystical aspects of the Torah, was addressed indirectly - while the revealed was addressed directly.
Secret Intentions
At the last moments before his death, Moshe extols the tribe of Gad for their deeply loving choice.
The Tribe of Gad insisted on settling East of the Jordan in order to remain with Moses, who was destined to be buried there. But they failed to realize that Moses’ true presence would not remain interred in the plains of Moab but would live on in his vision, that the Jewish people fulfill their G-d given mandate to enter the Land of Canaan, settle it and transform it into a Holy Land.
Shabbat of Vision
Shabbat of Vision
The greatest joys emerge from the lowest of spiritual states.
When the Temple was standing, the special unity between G-d and the Jews was readily apparent and existed all week. Although the unification was greater on Shabbat, it wasn't an appreciable greater source of joy.

Now that the Temple is no longer standing and there is a lack of unity, when Shabbat comes and the Jews are able to renew their connection once again with G-d, He especially rejoices in this unity with His people.
To See the Fiftieth Gate
As long as we don’t have direct experience of G-dliness and spirituality, we are not well.
The Temple was destroyed some two thousand years ago and ever since, we haven’t been well. But, the Temple can and will be rebuilt when we cultivate our ability to "see"—by studying and grasping the inner dimensions of the Torah – thus bringing ourselves to the threshold of the "fiftieth gate".
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