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Hide and Seek
"Where is the Shechinah?" we lament.
The word "eicha", the first word of the book of Lamentations, also appears in the Torah portion Devarim. A different word with the same spelling also appears in the verse after Adam ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Adam knew he has done wrong and hid; afterwards, G-d banishes both he and Eve from the Garden of Eden. This parallels the destruction of the Temples and the exile of the Jews from the Holy Land.
Divine Encounter in Egypt
Only from the Egyptian exile could the Jewish nation truly recognize G-d's greatness.
Even though Israel were slaves and were exposed every day to all types of sorcery and similar wickedness designed to lead people astray, nonetheless they didn't alter their customs or stray from the path of holiness.
Missing Mother
Audio | 6:18
Missing Mother
Based on Zohar Chadash, Eicha 91a
Those exiled outside the boundaries of the Holy Land among the nations must cry over themselves and their bones, for they are like servants who have left their beloved master's house.

But they cannot comprehend how great the building of the holy Temple was and how evil its destruction. Thus we who remain, members of Her household who know the glory of the Master of the World, must explain the verses in the Book of Lamentations.

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