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Heat Your Heart Out
The laws of kosher kitchenware teach us about sweetening judgments.
Among the laws covered in this Torah portion is that of purifying utensils captured from idolaters. Pans, skewers and other items that were used to cook over a fire are purified by putting them again through fire in order to be used in the holy Israelite camp. The Zohar likens fasting, prayer and even Torah learning to this purification process.
The Connector
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The Connector
Based on Zohar Vayigash 209b
Prayers and supplications are necessary each and every day, so as to be united with G-d. And...when he prays before his Master, he must not speak out loud, for whoever speaks out loud will find his prayer is not heard, for...prayer is not an audible voice, nor is audible voice a prayer.
Spinning Strictness with Mercy
Kabbalah teaches that maturity is the ability to combine complementary qualities.
The Hebrew word for woman is "isha", which includes both strict judgment and mercy. Every woman is called "judgment" until she grows to become a married woman, when she combines the feminine aspect of gevura with the masculine aspect of chesed.
When The Sun and Moon were in Mourning
Based on Zohar Vayigash 210b
When the Temple was destroyed and the Children of Israel were exiled from their land because of their sins, G-d's Presence departed from Above and went into exile with them.

Even heaven and earth themselves mourned because the Other Side reigned the Holy Land. Thus it behooves any man to mourn with Her and be abased with Her and when the Holy Kingdom arises and the world rejoices, he shall also rejoice with Her.
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