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Twice Daily
G-d considers our prayers vital to the world’s continuance; they are as important to Him as our daily bread is to us!
Moses’ wished that the Jewish people always recognize that there is a Shepherd who runs the world and that all aspects of life occur through Divine providence. Tthe daily sacrifices, and the corresponding daily prayers, enhance our awareness and recognition that there is a G-d in the world.
Becoming a Kohen-Priest
When Divine Providence presents us with an opportunity to right some wrong in the world, we must pursue it with total self-sacrifice.
We should not be intimidated by the fact that those of greater stature or learning are not righting some wrong. It could well be, as it was with Pinchas, that Divine Providence is keeping them silent so a "less qualified" individual will seize the moment and answer destiny’s call to greatness.
Thoughts of Return
Even the smallest attempts at returning to G-d may be enough to save us
The sons of Korach helped plot the rebellion, but during the rebellion they entertained thoughts of repentance. However,to all outward appearances, they perished along with the rest.

But in fact they had remained alive in the interior of the earth until some thirty-eight years later, when they emerged from the earth and rejoined the Jewish people. This shows us the tremendous power of repentance.
Stages of Connection
Jewish mysticism teaches that our connection to G‑d exists on the rational, super-rational, and intrinsic levels.
The relationship between G-d and the Jewish people is threefold: we have undertaken to serve Him and He rewards us for our service. In addition, G-d chose us to receive the Torah and be the bearers of His message to humanity.

The Jewish people's connection to the land of Israel exists similarly in three ways: by their own merits, by divine decree, and by inheritance.
Mastering One's Desires
By Rabbi Sholom-Noach Berezovsky (the previous Slonimer Rebbe):
Children should be trained to train to forgo personal desires and pleasures, as well as nurtured to exhibit mercy and kindness to others encountering difficulty in life. An educator who stresses these two areas is assured of success in his educational endeavors.
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