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Conquering the Impurity of Death
To overcome the greatest form of impurity, we must transcend logic.
Death is the antithesis of holiness, for G d is the source of life and vitality. When confronted with the reality of death, we become exposed to the the truth that everything is decaying, dying, headed toward oblivion, and life seems futile and meaningless. The individual must undergo a purification process to cure his depression (real or potential) and reorient him back toward the enthusiasm and vitality of holiness.
Transforming the Primordial Snake
Submission to G-d's will is the key to life.
In responding to their sin by unleashing deadly, poisonous snakes against them, G-d was telling the people that sin, which was introduced to humanity by the Primordial Snake, leads to death, while submission to G-d's will is the key to life.
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