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A Cry from the Earth
Korach was the reincarnation of Cain.
Cain had to undergo three gilgulim, one each for his Nefesh, his Ruach, and his Neshama; one was in the guise of Korach. The fact that Korach's death was due to the earth swallowing him was an example of the punishment fitting the crime, since the same earth had been remiss when it opened to hide the evil deed that Cain had committed, "covering" his blood.
Suspicions About Moses
Why did the masses disparage Moses?
The scoffer Korach used matters connected with the soil as his subjects of study and made fun ofTorah legislation involving sheep, as mentioned in the Midrash. In all this he paralleled the behavior of Cain, who first brought a gift of the fruit of the earth, as opposed to Abel, who brought wool.
The Eternal Covenant
Salt represents a fusion of the elements fire and water.
The share of the Levites, the tithe, is called a "salt-like covenant" because it is eternal; just as salt preserves the meat indefinitely, so this type of covenant endures indefinitely.

Salt also represents a fusion of the elements fire and water, for the sun's power turns seawater into salt. The tithe is similarly a combination of the attributes Mercy and Justice.
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