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Spying Out Spiritual Worlds
Kabbalah teaches about accessing the higher spiritual worlds.
Rabbi Aba praised Rebbe Shimon as the only one worthy to reveal the inner secrets of the Torah, stating that there would be no generation like the one in which he lived until the generation of the Mashiach. He explains the high level of spirituality achievable by any person, and about the pattern of life after death.
Surveying the High Country
A tour of the Land of Israel is a journey through Torah.
The Ramak explains that the Land of Israel is called "Canaan" from the Hebrew word for "subdue/nichna", because the first step towards entering the world of the Torah is to subdue one's animal soul to the demands of G-d. This is the secret of "entering the land".
Think Big
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Think Big
Based on Zohar Bamidbar 161A
The world was only created for the sake of the children of Israel, so they could occupy themselves in the study of Torah. They are the cause of its continued existence, as well as of all the nations, as long as they do the wishes of their Master.
Transcendent Nothingness
Moses sent spies to determine what supernal spiritual level the Land of Israel is on.
Moses sent spies into the Land of Canaan with instructions to report about the nature of the land. The Zohar examines the question posed: "Are there trees or not?"

If they were to see that the fruits of the Land are like those of other lands, then "it has trees" - referring to the Tree of Life. But if they are unusually large, then you will know that it is nourished by a primordial holy level, from which its unusual qualities are drawn.

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