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A Positive Perspective
We are all tested to see the positive aspects of any given situation
Moses asked the spies to see if it was a holy land suitable for supporting a nation dedicated to Torah study and spiritual growth. But they only saw the physical nature of the Land and its abnormalcy. If only they would have simply appreciated G-d for His abundant goodness, they would have brought a blessing to the nation and lead them quickly into the Land of Israel.
Misled Emissaries
It worked! When the spies entered the land of Israel, the most powerful and threatening of the inhabitants began to die in mysterious ways.
The arrival of the Jews on the border of Israel, fresh from their purification in Egypt, caused the land to automatically rid itself of the spiritual impurity of the Canaanites and their leaders began to die. Confused by these deaths, the spies sought to prevent a similar result among Jews and therefore persuaded them not to enter Israel.
The Joining of Spirit to Spirit
The life-force of a tzadik is buried and hidden in his words.
Caleb went to Hebron and prostrated himself on the graves of the forefathers, that he not be persuaded by his fellow spies to participate in their scheme.
Chasidic Love of the Land of Israel
At the expense of great travail and even life itself, many chasidic rebbes sought to support the Holy Land.
The Land of Israel has always captured the heart of chasidism with an enduring love and enthusiasm. Many chasidic scholars and leaders sought to support The Land, some even moving there during the country’s most tumultuous periods.
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