THEMES of Featured Ascent Lights

Scouting Out the Land
Our task is to transform the world into a dwelling place for G-d.
The spies' mission was to scout out the Land and take fruits of Canaan (the future Land of Israel), making them Jewish fruits. This process would break the impurity of Canaan, preparing it for the Jewish conquest.
Each Jew is given a mission to conquer his portion of the world and transform it into "the Holy Land", a place where divinity is revealed. Any trials and tribulation we may experience are opportunities to help us fulfill our mission - whether in our business lives or in our relationships with family, friends and acquaintances.
Spying on G‑d
Israel is an opportunity to redeem the physicality of the world.
The nefilim were angels who “fell” from Heaven to dwell among humans, attempting to prove that temptation and evil could be resisted. Unfortunately, they fell further into spiritual corruption than their mortal neighbors.

In the land of Israel the Jews would be compelled to engage in mundane tasks. Seeing the nefilim in Israel caused the spies doubt, that they also would not be able to stand up against the odds of a physical existence there.
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