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The Secret of the Lamp
The Menorah reflected the lights of the upper worlds
The oil in the Menorah represents the sefira of chochma. Its miraculous fashioning, emerged fully formed from the furnace in response to Moses' prayer further connects the Menorah to the sefira of chochma, like a gift bestowed upon a person worthy to receive it.
The Menorah and the Incense
Based on Zohar Bamidbar 151a
The twelve tribes camped in four directions with four standards, similar to the arraignment of the heavenly hosts who carry the Heavenly Chariot in the spiritual world Above. The Menorah had seven lamps to be lit by the high priest, also similar to Above.
Far Out, Man
The Zohar teaches that anyone can arouse himself to truly return to holiness.
This Torah reading includes the premise that one who is unable to bring the Pesach offering is able to bring it one month later, on Pesach Sheini. The Zohar teaches that this example shows that every person who sincerely makes an effort to purify himself becomes purified – even if in a roundabout way.

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