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Cosmic Hair-Do's
Kabbalah reveals how the Nazirite manifests one of the most supernal realities.
One of the laws regarding the vow of the Nazirite is that he not cut his hair as long as his vow is in effect. Kabbalah teaches that the Nazirite alludes to level of Creation called Arich Anpin, likened to a merciful grandfather figure. Described as straight and white, the hair of this partzuf manifests compassion and loving-kindness.
The Secret of Levi's Genes
Kabbalah explains the nature of feminine strength.
Man's intellect is his distinguishing human factor, but abstract intellect that does not produce an emotional response or serve as the motivation for action is not worth much. The emotions (chesed, gevura, tiferet, netzach , and hod ) all coalesce in yesod, the sefira of sexuality - the drive to connect with the world and affect it; to reproduce one's image and imprint on reality.
Sexuality and the Suspicious Spirit
Kabbalah exposes the spiritual roots of righteous sexuality.
Yesod is associated anatomically with the male sexual organ; the Zohar writes about yesod: "Then, a righteous one dons jealousy…." Hence, we have a direct connection between the sefira of yesod, i.e. sexuality, and the idea of righteous jealousy.
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