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Crown of Abstinence
Kabbalah explains that the source of all vows is in the sefira of bina.
The Torah teaches that the nazir is spiritually on even a higher level than the High Priest. The High Priest's dominating attribute is that of chesed, whereas the predominant attribute of the nazir is bina, which is ranked higher than chesed in the list of sefirot.
No commandment of the Torah except this one is dependent upon a miracle.
Through the ordeal of drinking the bitter waters, the innocent Sotah actually gains; "she will bear children (more easily)". Nevertheless the priest does not inform the woman of this potential benefit before she drinks.

Likewise, when a person repents, he is not only cleansed from his sin but he reaches an even higher spiritual status than before. Nevertheless, this benefit is not offered to prospective sinners, rather: "If a person says I will sin and then I will repent, he will not be granted the opportunity."
The Rank of the Firstborn
Kabbalah came even before Creation
G-d 's original plan was to give the Torah to Adam, the "firstborn" of all humanity. Israel is also called "firstborn". However, the rank of the Levites as firstborn outranks that of Israel as a whole, since the Levites represent the Ruach Adam, "spirit of man", whereas the remainder of the tribes of Israel only represents Nefesh Adam, "soul of man."
Holy Earth
Holy Earth
The ground of the Temple Mount actually "knows" its Creator.
This man has to bring his wife to the priest….

The Torah commanded the priest to examine the suspected adulteress in a place where G-d resides in order to use earth from the floor of the Holy Temple as well as waters found in its sacred precincts, for proximity to the Shechinah lends them both awareness of their Creator.
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