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Estrangement and Elevation
Kabbalah has the power to lift up the most fallen aspects of Creation.
We make our lives and ourselves into a home or sanctuary for G-d in two steps: we refrain from what is wrong and actively do good. "Gershon" signifies the necessity to banish evil, whereas Kehot's mission corresponds to a positive endeavor used for the task of actively pursuing positive energy.
The Cosmic Marriage of G-d and the Jewish People
Through egocentricity, we create a virtual concealment from G‑d.
The particulars of the rite of the suspected adulteress have their correlations in the cosmic marriage of G-d and the Jewish people. Although G-d is everywhere, and thus one cannot seclude oneself from G-d, the egocentricity of the sinner creates a seeming concealment from G-d.
Offerings and Intentions
The twelve tribes personify the twelve archetypal approaches to forging a Jewish relationship with G-d and fulfilling our purpose on earth
The twelve tribes personify twelve archetypal approaches to forging a relationship with G-d and fulfilling our purpose on earth. The Altar's inauguration was its "initiation" into elevating the spiritual pathway represented by each of the twelve tribes as well as eliciting the unique spiritual and material nourishment required by each one.
The Reward of Innocence
Allegorically, the Jewish people are the suspected wife and G-d is the betrayed husband.
When we sin against G-d, we should not think that we are lost and cannot return or that G-d has forsaken us. Rather, we must remember that even when we sinned, the Divine soul within us remained faithful to God. Our relationship with God can be reinstated and even improve, with greater depth and permanence.
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