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Engaged to the Torah
Successful marriage to the Torah is a lifelong pursuit.
The tribes maintained their designated groupings when they camped as when they traveled. Just as they acted when they encamped - were "at home" in familiar surroundings - so too they acted when they traveled.

So too, it is no less important to be careful about our divinely inspired lifestyle while on vacation as when at home. A Jew has to always remember that we were created to control our environment and to transform the physical world into the spiritual, not ever the other way around.
The First Thought
Each of us has the potential to direct our consciousness.
The Maggid teaches that when a craftsman or artist plans his creation, most certainly he decides to finish it in the most beautiful way. Nevertheless, since he is flesh and blood, it is rarely possible to bring out his full dream into reality. But our Creator does not have this same limitation.
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