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At the Mountain's Foot
Via the Torah the Jews can instill G-dliness in a physical world.
One's voice can communicate what one is thinking; the Sages teach that there were five voices that accompanied the giving of the Torah to illustrate G-d's infinite nature - beyond that of the four levels within Creation - or even beyond the Four Worlds.
Telling and Talking
The Torah must be implemented in the physical world.
"G-d then spoke all these words, saying…"

The word "saying/leimor" in the Torah generally means that the message is to be conveyed to a third party. In this case, however, there was no third party to relay these words to later on: every single Jew, both alive at the time as well as the souls of every Jew that would exist throughout all of history, was at Mount Sinai and himself heard G-d say these words.

The Maggid of Mezritch explains that the 1st verb alludes to the ten statements with which G-d created the world and the 2nd to the Ten Commandments. Thus this verse means: G-d gave the Jewish people the following commandments in order that they be implemented within and have an effect upon His "saying", i.e. the physical world created through the ten decrees.
A Single Burst of Light
If you could tunnel to the core of a Jewish soul you would suddenly pop out through a passage of the Torah.
Rav Tzadok HaCohen identifies three milestones that mark the path of integrating the Torah’s truths first into our head, then into our heart, and finally into all the spaces of our being.
Engaged to the Torah
Successful marriage to the Torah is a lifelong pursuit.
The tribes maintained their designated groupings when they camped as when they traveled. Just as they acted when they encamped - were "at home" in familiar surroundings - so too they acted when they traveled.

So too, it is no less important to be careful about our divinely inspired lifestyle while on vacation as when at home. A Jew has to always remember that we were created to control our environment and to transform the physical world into the spiritual, not ever the other way around.
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