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Taking the Fifth
The first five of the Ten Commandments focus on our relationship with G-d, the second five on our relationship with our fellow human beings. Honoring parents, the fifth commandment, is placed in the first category since honoring parents, who are partners with God in creating life, is synonymous with honoring G-d.
Not Just Talking the Talk
The Ten Commandments are introduced by the words: "G-d then spoke all these words, saying"

The Maggid of Mezritch explains that one of the two verbs used in this verse alludes to the Ten Statements with which G-d created the world; the second alludes to the Ten Commandments. G-d gave the Jewish people these commandments in order that they be implemented within and affect the physical world created through His ten decrees.
Two Names of G-d
"I am G-D, your G-d."

The normally transcendent name Havayah will now become the immanent, operative power within every Jew. This fact enables us to overcome whatever obstacles the natural world poses to fulfilling our Divine tasks. In other words, we can "go out of Egypt" precisely because "G-d is our G-d."