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Honoring the Masculine and Feminine
When we honor both the male and female aspects of Shabbat, we will be redeemed.
The Sages state that if the Jewish people would keep two Shabbats properly, they would be redeemed immediately. This is usually understood to mean two Shabbats in a row, but the Ari comments that the mystical meaning of this statement is that we must keep the two spiritual aspects of the Shabbat - the feminine and masculine aspects - Shabbat night and Shabbat day.
Ornaments for the Bride
Shavuot is the wedding day between G-d and Israel
The giving of the Torah is the marriage between G-d (the groom) and the Jewish people (the bride); the flow of the Torah's divine insight and wisdom from G-d to us is analogous to the flow of vital seed from the groom to the bride on the wedding night.
Four Holy Faces
Four Holy Faces
One can choose to which chariot's influence he submits himself.
The "Divine Chariot" is borne by four celestial beings. The kosher domesticated animals of this world are derived from the face of the ox in the Chariot; the permitted wild animals are derived from the face of the lion; the permitted birds are derived from the face of the eagle. The animal soul of man descends from the human face of the Chariot.
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