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Countdown to Countenance
On Shavuot, the Jewish People unite with G-d as does a wife with her husband.
"And you shall count for yourselves seven complete weeks from the day following the [Pesach holiday]"

You shall count for yourselves, similar to the commandment requiring a woman who has her period to count seven days. Just as she counts for herself, for her own benefit, so too should you count for your own benefit, to be purified in the higher holy waters and afterwards on Shavuot to merit to unite with the King (Zeir Anpin) and to receive the Torah that emerges as a result of this union.
More Than Just Stories
The Zohar teaches that every word in the Torah reflects higher wisdom and higher secrets.
The body of the Torah is dressed in stories from this world. The wise ones, servants of the Highest King who stood at Mount Sinai, see through to the soul of the Torah that is truly her essence and in the future will delve into the soul that is within this essence of the Torah.
Festivals: Right, Left & Center
The Zohar teaches that Shavuot unites the holiness of the other holidays.
Because Shavuot, representing tiferet, is in the middle between Pesach [chesed] and Sukkot [gevura], the glory of the Torah is manifested on that day alone, and no more [i.e. Shavuot is celebrated for only one day, whereas Pesach and Sukkot are celebrated for seven days].
Chariots Ascending
The Zohar meditates on the creatures of the Supernal Chariot.
"Joseph harnessed his chariot and went up to meet his father Israel in Goshen."

In Hebrew, the word for "chariot" is "Merkava", meaning "vehicle". The Zohar hints at the various forms of supernal entities - "creatures" - which are to be "harnessed" to power one to reach and maintain higher and higher states of consciousness to "ascends" spiritual levels.
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