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Nullification Before the One
Without loving others, we cannot truly love G-d.
The Tanya explains that those who make their body primary and their souls secondary are incapable of truly loving. When the Jews gathered at Sinai, they had attained true unity; real love for each other. So too in our generation, if we begin by loving our fellows, we are capable then of loving G-d, and any commandment is easy.
The Ultimate Release
We associate with our body so much that often we make the mistake of thinking that we are the body.
At the superficial perspective, God is telling us that since He brought us out of slavery, we are really His slaves now. And since He gave us this land we are dwelling on, we are not its owners.

But at a much deeper perspective, we see here that the Torah is telling us that just like the land must go back to its original owner, so will our personal portion of land, our body, go back to the place it came from, back to the earth.
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