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Emphasis on the Earthly
The test of whether an emotion has truly entered our consciousness is the extent of its effect on our body.
Although spiritual rewards far surpass any physical reward, the Torah details earthly rewards for following its precepts since the test of whether the emotion has truly entered our consciousness and affected our essence is the extent of its effect on our body.
Three Levels of Shabbat
At the end of each week, the worlds ascend to their original level and the spiritual light that was before the sin of Adam and Eve is then revealed.
There are three levels of this ascent of the worlds. First is the Shabbat after six weekdays, when every person receives an additional soul. Second is the Shabbat of the Seventh Year, where the land, corresponding to the sefira of malchut, ascends a level. Third is the Shabbat of Yovel; the worlds from the sefira of malchut ascend to the sefira of bina, also called the World of Freedom.
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