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Supernal Sabbaths
Kabbalah explains the spiritual power of Shabbat to rectify the worlds.
The Ari teaches that there are three classic degrees of ascent: the Sabbatical year, which only reaches as far up as malchut of Atzilut, the Jubilee year, which rises up to the level of binah of Atzilut, and Shabbat, in which all levels ascend.
Shabbat: Relaxation-Elevation
Kabbalah teaches that on Shabbat the soul rises above its weekday levels to reenergize itself.
A "world" in Kabbala is a level of consciousness, a realm in which everything on this level shares a common awareness of G-d. The essence of Shabbat temporarily enables each level of G-d-awareness to be able to sustain a level that is normally too high for it.
The Ari teaches that when a person performs some manner of forbidden work on the Shabbat, such as separating, he causes the supernal energies to descend below, just as they do during the workweek. The forces of evil can then attach themselves to these energies.
Reapers of the Field
On the sabbatical year, our efforts to repair the spiritual worlds begin from an elevated place.
In the sabbatical year, the ascent is least of all, and for this reason it is entirely mundane, and only those forms of work that involve working the earth are prohibited.
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