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Trust in G-d and Do Good
Descent can catalyze a sweetening of judgments.
Whether in good circumstances or in bad, a person should always recognize that everything that occurs in his life is a result of Divine Providence. Then his heart will be at ease within him because he sees everything that occurs in his life as a lesson and guide for spiritual growth.
Freedom from Earthly Bondage
A person has to take upon himself the yoke of the awe of Heaven as the first step of serving G-d, and afterwards he works as is required. If he doesn't accept this yoke as the first step then he simply can't do the work of fulfilling Torah and mitzvahs.
Reading the Breeding
By misdirecting the passion for physical intimacy, one causes great spiritual damage.
We are instructed to take non-Jewish Canaanite slaves without letting them go free on the 50th year of the Sabbatical cycle.

The Zohar teaches that this is a result of Ham's descendants being cursed to be enslaved due to his transgressing the prohibition to engage in sexual relations with his wife on the Ark and later, revealing his father's nakedness to his brothers Shem and Yafet.

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