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The Power of Proper Education
The Torah's commandments strengthen us to grow in holiness.
We learn three educational principles from this Torah Reading: If a teacher has a student who behaves despicably, the situation is not hopeless. Even a person totally fixated in a bad pattern of behavior, such as eating blood, can change for the better. Lastly, implanted in the inner recesses of every Jew is an eternal faith that a proper education can uncover and nourish.
Expanding Our Conciousness
The power to transcend boundaries is innate to us.
Shabbat and holidays are always a time of added spiritual consciousness because we stop our day-to-day activities and focus on G-d's presence in the world. They remind us that even when we are in a period of "small mindedness", we should not let the daily events of the world overtake us, but to remember always that G-d is in charge.
Counting Toward the Wedding Canopy
The lovesickness they felt approaching Sinai is comparable to a bride counting the days until she is united with her groom.
The Zohar describes the emotional and spiritual longing the nation felt as it approached the giving of the Torah as comparable to that of a bride counting the days until she is united with her groom.
Holidays: Gateways to G‑dliness
Via our holy days, we can create channels through which we connect to G-d.
The revelation of divine energy is not something only spiritual and ethereal, rather something real that you and I can experience. "…asher tikri'oo otam b'mo'adam" can translate as, "you will make this happen", each at their right time and in a way unique to that holiday, through your appropriate preparation for that particular holiday.
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