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THEMES of Featured Ascent Lights

The Power of Proper Education
We learn three educational principles from this Torah Reading: If a teacher has a student who behaves despicably, the situation is not hopeless. Even a person totally fixated in a bad pattern of behavior, such as eating blood, can change for the better. Lastly, implanted in the inner recesses of every Jew is an eternal faith that a proper education can uncover and nourish.
Expanding Our Conciousness
Shabbat and holidays are always a time of added spiritual consciousness because we stop our day-to-day activities and focus on G-d's presence in the world. They remind us that even when we are in a period of "small mindedness", we should not let the daily events of the world overtake us, but to remember always that G-d is in charge.
Counting Toward the Wedding Canopy
The Zohar describes the emotional and spiritual longing the nation felt as it approached the giving of the Torah as comparable to that of a bride counting the days until she is united with her groom.
Holidays: Gateways to G‑dliness
The revelation of divine energy is not something only spiritual and ethereal, rather something real that you and I can experience. "…asher tikri'oo otam b'mo'adam" can translate as, "you will make this happen", each at their right time and in a way unique to that holiday, through your appropriate preparation for that particular holiday.