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Lofty Descent
Have no fear when reaching out to help fellow Jews.
The purpose of a tzadik in this world is to elevate Jewish souls. When he discerns a dormant spark of holiness ready to be set aflame in some Jew, he must do whatever it will take to elevate that soul to its pure and lofty source.
Wings of Flight
Love as well as fear of G-d are the two wings with which we ascend spiritually.
Pesach was a time of an incredible undeserved outpouring of kindness and beneficence from G-d. The period of the Omer, a defined measurement, represents constraint of the flow of chesed, rendering one's divine service into a balance of love and fear (great awe) of G-d.
The Unique Task of the <i>Kohen</i>-priests
The three stages of offering sacrifices correspond to three aspects of the Jew.
The kohen’s task was to join opposites – heaven and earth. By offering the sacrifices and performing the other services of the Temple, the kohen caused holiness to penetrate the physical universe and make itself known to humanity. Since his job was to create oneness and unity, he could not tolerate the presence of separation called tumah.
Priestly Misconduct
Judaism acknowledges and sanctifies human desire.
Judaism is keenly sensitive to the truth that every human being struggles against horrible demons lurking within - if you don't challenge and tame them, they can turn you into a monster. When overtaken by dark cravings, remember that you are no worse than the High Priest of Israel! But, you, too, may still enter into the Holy of Holies.
Exodus of Body and of Soul
Through waving the barley, animal food, the priests elevate physicality.
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