Chapter 1

Pirkei Avot

1:1 The Force of Transmission
The Arizal explains secrets about the transmission of the commandments.
1:2 World's 3 Pillars
The Creation is a fusion of complementary forces
1:3 For the Love of G-d
We must serve G-d with our emotions
Kabbalah teaches that hospitality unites the spiritual worlds.
1:10 Get a Job!
Working enables us to elevate the physical world
1:11 Scholars, Be Cautious
Kabbalah illustrates the connection between exile and the constricted flow of wisdom.
1:13 The Danger of Utilizing Divine names
By Rabbi Ovadia Yosef
It is a deep, complex matter when immediately upon reciting a specific holy name a sick person is healed; whoever has only slight knowledge of this issue will in the end cause more damage that good.
1:14 When I am I
Kabbalah reveals the mystical meaning behind the Mishna.
1:14 "If I Am Not…"
"In what way is my worship important to G·d?"
1:17 Silence of the Wise
Our Sages teach, "Wine and spice lead to wisdom."
1:17 The Soul of Silence
When a person thinks, the ideas exist only within his or her own mind; when the thought is translated into words, it departs the person’s inner world and attains an existence distinct from his.
1:1 Tapping into the Transmission
By Nadav Cohen
What's the importance of being told the detailed order of the transmission of the Torah?

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