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The Secret of Skin
Kabbalah teaches that G-d makes purity emerge even out of impurity.
"A person having a blemish in his skin…."

The Shelah teaches that the verse can be understood in relation to the vestments for the priests which symbolized the "garments of 'ohr / light' [spelled with an alef] which Adam and Eve wore before the sin of the Tree of Knowledge; they subsequently exchanged these garments for those of "ohr / skin" [spelled with an ayin].
Birth-Pangs of the Messianic Era
The Final Redemption will come via our merits.
Due to the inadequacy of the Jewish people at the time of the Exodus, it is described as G-d's wrenching one people from the midst of the same people. It was thus difficult to justify and did not endure, ending in the Temple's destruction. This is not true of the redemption of the Future which will occur as a direct result of Israel's merits.
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