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Refined Tastes
The menu at the banquet of Mashiach -- and the offering of Aaron
The human being gains strength through eating, keeping body and soul together and the food is spiritually elevated as well. When a person then uses the strength gained from food to serve G-d, the food furthermore ascends to a level that is beyond the world of the created and enters the realm of the Creator.
Offerings of Insight
Via the Temple sacrifices, life-force was actually drawn into the world.
When the Holy Temple stood, and the priests would offer the burnt offering, they would enliven even the physical world. Even though the Temple and sacrificial order has been destroyed due to our sins, whoever studies the laws of the burnt offering is considered to have actually offered it.
Feeding the Flame
Feeding the Flame
"Good Morning, Soul" must precede "Good Morning, America".
"A constant fire shall burn upon the altar..."

The altar is symbolic of the human heart. For the human heart to live deeply, it needs to be on fire, passionate, aflame. We must maintain the spiritual flame and inspiration in our own inner altar on a daily basis.
Blessed Seder Preparations
To draw down the light of Pesach, we must prepare ourselves spiritually.
Light is like a seedling; at the beginning it requires our nurturing and our efforts to foster its growth. Like a field needs plowing and hoeing, weeding and watering, so do we need to prepare ourselves before the festival to enable us to properly praise and glorify G-d for all the miracles and all the good.
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