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Forgiveness and the Extra Fifth
For misuse of sacred property, one must fix the supernal root.
A sacrifice called "asham taluy" must be offered only when the owner is in doubt whether he has become guilty of a certain transgression. One's duties must be clear as the light of the sun; being in doubt whether one had behaved properly or not is a doubt that should never arise.
Days of Perfection
Moses was granted the power to sanctify Aaron the priest.
The days of inauguration were also described as "days of perfection, or perfecting". Rabbi Abba said that Moses performed the High Priest's duties during these seven days in order to confer sanctity to Aaron.
Constant Fire
"...and the fire of the altar"

According to the Ohr HaChayim, this hints to the many pains we have felt at the hands of the merciless nations who did not pity us. The Torah tells us that when the dawn of that morning of redemption comes, G-d's anger will burn and consume all those who have oppressed us during the many years of our exile.
Extra Attention
Kabbalah teaches that the earthly Altar represents the celestial Altar.
The burnt offering has been discussed previously. By mentioning the basic procedure once more, the Torah is expressing that extra care be taken with the performance of all regulations pertaining to sacrifices.
Torah Power
The principal purpose of Torah and its study is to recapture sparks of sanctity which have "fallen" and as a result are being held captive.
By vanquishing one's evil urge, one can again isolate the realm of good which had been inextricably fused with the forces of evil. This is a tremendous spiritual accomplishment, but it cannot be achieved except through Torah.
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