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Opening up the Letters
Heavenly wisdom is revealed in the Hebrew letters.
Some letters in the Torah are written twice the ordinary size, such as the first letter of the Torah (beit of "Bereishit"); they originate from the sefira of bina and are related to the divine intellect as it devolves. In contrast, some letters in the Torah are written half the normal size - such as the aleph of the first word of this parasha ( "vayikra "); these hint at the sefira of malchut, representing an awesome contraction of the power of the infinite.
The King in His Servant's Tent
In the last letter of the word "Vayikra" - the first word of this week's Torah reading - the Hebrew alef is written in a smaller than regular size. The Zohar explains that this is because Moses' being called was incomplete, for 2 reasons: it was only in the Tabernacle, a temporary structure, and also because it was outside of the Land of Israel; completeness is to be found only in the Holy Land.
The Approach of a True Man
Based on Zohar Vayikra 4a
A man consisting of both male and female is worthy of bringing an offering, but he who is unmarried is flawed and deformed in the eyes of the King.
Elation Elevation
Elation Elevation
The Zohar teaches that all of a person's divine service should be performed in joy.
All service of G-d should be performed with joyfulness and heartfelt desire, in order that the worship should be complete. However, a person who has sinned before his Master and then brings a sin offering to rectify this, needs to feel broken and remorseful in spirit.

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