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Cleaving to the Creator
All of Israel are branches of one soul.
Every Jewish soul depends on continuous input from celestial forces called "Shefa Neshamot" in order to sustain itself spiritually inside a body. It enters by means of two thin "threads" through a person's two nostrils, as this is the area where the Nefesh is "joined" to G-d.
Removing Self-Made Barriers
"He shall press his hands on the head of the burnt offering, and it shall then be accepted as an atonement for him"

Sins cause spiritually negative forces to be released into our world and create a barrier between man and G-d, making necessary a rapprochement between them. Rabbi Moshe Alshich teaches that animal sacrifice coupled with repentance re-establishs the closeness with G-d and neutralizes spiritually negative forces created through sin.
Offering Only to the One
Regarding offerings, only G-d's essential name - the Tetragrammaton - is used.
The Divine Name Havayah is used wherever an offering is mentioned by Scripture in order not to give an opportunity for heretics to rebe by finding pluralistic allusions against the principle of Unity.
Fixing an Imperfect World
The Book of Leviticus shows us how to rectify humankind's blemished state.
"…Adam ki yakriv/for when a man shall offer"

The laws pertaining to sacrifices, as well as those pertaining to rehabilitation from different skin diseases and other impurities, are all reminders of the first sin committed by Adam and the resultant diminution of man's stature in the universe. Thus, Leviticus provides us with the general rectification of all humanity.
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