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The Kabbalah of Salt
Descent can catalyze a sweetening of judgments.
All sacrifices were offered with salt, a derivative of water [chesed, loving-kindness] formed by the fiery beating of the sun upon the water. Thus salt represents gevura, severity. However, Rabbi Chaim Vital writes that when salt descends to a lower level (i.e. it enters the substance of another food), it becomes chesed.
Large Aleph; Tiny Aleph
Moses rectified Adam's mistake…. We are all spiritual heirs of Adam and Moses.
Adam had enormous self-esteem as the acme of God's creation. Although it is both necessary and good to be aware of one's positive qualities, Adam allowed his self-esteem to degenerate into conceit, and this caused his downfall. Moses rectified Adam's mistake. He recognized his greatness but nevertheless remained humble.
Personalizing Your Animal
Two basic explanations of how sacrificing an animal atones for sin.
Sacrificing the animal is an enactment of what ought to be done to the sinner. In addition, the animal personifies the animal instincts of the sinner, which led to the sin.
Offer Yourself
Offer Yourself
Bosi L'Gani 5710, Ch. 2
The service in the Temple and the Sanctuary centered around the principle of refinement – subduing one's physical nature, which leads to and brings about the transformation of darkness into light. Every Jew had the power to elevate himself, to attain spiritual levels, to draw close to G-d.
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