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Altars of the Self
The altars in the Tabernacle teach us about "inner" and "outer" service.
No matter how much we focus on "spiritual power", a person must eat and drink, sleep and rest, care for their body and take the time for a stroll in the fresh air. This is by no means "being seduced by the desires of the world". Rather, a person has to see these actions as part of his spiritual service, as the verse says, "In all of our ways we should know Him". This is also holy work.
The Mission of Gold
Our homes can suffice with silver and copper.
The Talmud states gold's purpose was only for use in the Holy Temple, a place for G-d to be revealed. When we build a Sanctuary, a Temple, or even a "mikdash ma'at" — a synagogue, study hall, or school—we build it nicer than our own home to demonstrate that is of special importance.
The Continuous Flame
Each of us is obligated to light up the soul of our fellow Jew.
Something that is done seemingly with human strength alone is temporary; only something impacted by the inner divine strength can be everlasting. A person must realize that when he does anything of value, it is not with his own human ability and strength alone - rather, each time he acts, he arouses divine power.
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