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Garments of Redemption
The High Priest cannot endure any gap between the sublime and the mundane.
The Ephod hung from the High Priest's back down to his heels, while the Breastplate rested opposite his heart, in front. While the "back" represents the external and mundane (like the disinterest expressed in leaving something behind), the "front" signifies the internal and sublime (like the thoughts and feelings expressed on one's face).
The incense altar and its service was unique in that there were no spectators around at the time that could watch. When the incense was burned on the inner altar there was no one present (not even angels!) - only the priest burning it and G‑d Himself. The ultimate in divine service is when one serves G‑d without publicity, merely because it is the right thing to do.
Missing Moses
A Hebrew name contains Divine life force condensed into its letters, as descended from the ten Divine utterances of creation.
Beginning with the parasha in which he is born (Shemot), through the end of the book of Numbers, Moses' name appears in every parasha -- except for this one, Tetzaveh. The the absence of his' name from this parasha indicates that the objectives expressed in therein can only be achieved by his essence, the aspect of him that cannot be described by a name.
Light and Unity
The bitterness of the olive represents the concealment of G-d's supervision of His Creation.
The concealment of G-d's supervision of His Creation may lead a person to think that there is no law and no judge. This lack of understanding is symbolized by the bitter olive, which must be crushed, smashed and hit in order to release the light buried within.

This crushing is the suffering that precedes the path of Torah, after which a person comes to illumination and he merits to see that all of the concealments were for the sake of good.
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