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Garments of Light
Via the priestly garments detailed in this week's Torah portion, Aaron the High Priest and his progeny were to repair the loss of the garments of light which originally clothed Adam, replaced by garments of leather after his sin.
Miracle of the Western Light
Although G-d’s presence was indeed in the Tabernacle on a permanent basis, the "Western Lamp", the lamp on top of the Menora's middle shaft, gave evidence of an ongoing miraculous presence.
Oil Flowing from the Heavens
The anointing oil of Aaron, the High Priest, alludes to the mystical dimension of the holy oil in the Celestial Regions, which have their roots in the sefira of bina.
Holy Garments
Holy Garments
The Ohr Hachayim explains the Torah's commandment that the High Priest wear eight garments "for splendor [in Hebrew,'kavod'] and beauty [in Hebrew, 'tiferet']". in order for him to be able to obtain atonement for the people for the various imperfections that people are guilty of regularly.