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Secret Names of the Urim and Tumim
The Zohar teaches that the High Priest's breastplate contained very useful divine names.
Among the garments of the High Priest, was the breastplate, a patterned brocade set with four rows of precious stones mounted in gold settings - twelve in all. According to the Zohar, the Urim and Tumim - the Forty-two and Seventy-two Letter Names of G-d - were placed within the folds of the breastplate and caused letters engraved in the stones to light up in sequence in order to spell out an answer to questions asked.
United Consciousness
The names of the prophets themselves hint at their role in world rectification.
The first word of this Torah reading is: "VeAta" (in Hebrew, "And you…") According to the Zohar, this word represents the holy union of the spiritual dimension Nukva, also called Ado-nai, with the name Havayah, which represents Zeir Anpin.

When these two aspects of the Divine are separated, the great spiritual light which enables man to see the Divine in all aspects of his life is darkened and the merciful Divine light is not found at all in the world.
Anger is D-anger-ous
Anger is a form of idol-worship.
Analyzing the sacrificial offerings mentioned in this week's Torah portion, the Zohar compares their purity with the consequences of anger. A person who is angry is sacrificing his senses to the blood of his passions. This very situation comes from G-d, and yet he is furious with it! This is a form of idol-worship.

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