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A Toast to Life
Adar is characterized by the attribute of happiness.
Adar is characterized by the attribute of happiness; its dominant feature is the holiday of Purim. It is a good month for Jewish get-togethers, to draw into ourselves as much of the positive energy as possible. At such gatherings, a Jew sits among friends, each one helping the other by pointing out flaws in an appropriate way. Correcting flaws is like bringing our animal soul, our negative inclinations, to the altar to be slaughtered.
Elevation Concentration
Charity benefits both the one receiving and the one giving.
The great Kabbalist of Safed, Rabbi Yitzchak Luria, describes the act of giving tzedaka as a spiritual union. The coin being exchanged is shaped like the letter yud, and therefore hints to the yud of G‑d's name Havayah; the five-fingered hand passing it on is the hei (whose numerical value is 5) of G‑d's name; the outstretched arm (shaped like the letter vav) and the open hand of the receiver are the vav and final hei of G‑d's name, effectively joining the giver and receiver.
Giving for G-d
Both giving and receiving loving-kindness are parts of the divine plan for Creation.
"Speak to the Children of Israel and take for Me a 'teruma'."

G-d commands the Jewish people to contribute gold, silver and copper towards the building of the Tabernacle. The word "teruma" actually means both "separating" and "elevating". These two explanations are related because a person separating from his possessions for a sanctified purpose, is also elevating them from their physicality to a higher spiritual dimension.
Dwelling for Divinity
Every time a person acts in a holy way, he becomes a vehicle for the Divine.
"Make for Me a sanctuary, and I will dwell among them."

Everything that exists in this physical world is a copy of something that exists in the higher, more spiritual worlds. The Jewish people were commanded to create a copy of the spiritual, supernal Temple in this world with physical materials so that it, the lower physical Temple, should be a vehicle to accomplish the purposes of the higher, supernal Temple.
Constructing Vessels of Return
Creating vehicles for our divine service relevant to who we are
According to the Zohar, the commandment to build the Tabernacle was given by G‑d to Moses before the Jewish people sinned with the Golden Calf (although Moses did not relay it until after Yom Kippur). Thus, the obligation and ability to take the physical and transform it into something spiritual existed even during the darkest time, before the Jews repented.
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