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Divine Matrimony
The relationship between G-d and the Jews is like that between husband and wife.
According to the Midrash, G-d allegorically fulfills all the precepts that He commanded the Jewish people. Since G-d is considered the husband of the Jewish people, thus He is "obligated" to provide His people with food, clothing, and conjugal rights as His basic obligations to His wife.
Preparation for Revelation
After emphasizing our contractual bond to G-d, our covenantal connection is emphasized.
G-d implanted His essence in us when He gave us the Torah and established a double connection between G-d and Israel: a contractual agreement based on commandments, compliance, reward, and punishment, as well as a covenantal bond transcending the parameters of behavior and forging an inviolable, eternal bond between us.
Put the Load on Me
Torah encourages a healthy body in order to attain a healthy spirit
Despite the fact that Torah and its mitzvot are intended for the body's own spiritual and physical benefit as well as for the soul, we nevertheless tend to view them as a burden. When a person realizes that the Torah and mitzvot that he must fulfill are the very source of life itself then he can truly be successful and comfortable with his task.
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