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Freedom at Fifty
The servant's freedom is likened to the Shabbat…
The first of the laws in this Torah reading deals with the Jewish servant. The servant serves six years, corresponding to the six days of Creation, and in the seventh year he goes free.

G-d liberated Israel from bondage to become exclusively His servants; therefore the servant who chooses to remain in a slave in service has his ear pierced with an awl.
Slavery in Jewish Mysticism
"If his master gives him a wife …."
Kabbalists describe the soul as 'isha'. If a person has acquired his "wife" i.e. soul, by reason of the performance of good deeds, he can rest assured that the "wife" does not even abandon him in death.
No Witches Allowed
Mixing spiritual energies can be harmful to your health.
For every earthly phenomenon there is a corresponding supernal "director". The techniques of witchcraft are based on attempting to confuse natural energies, thus affecting the supernal order, as well. The prohibition against tolerating witches involves a deep respect and acknowledgement of the natural order created by G-d.
Prior to arrival in Israel, the Jewish nation is guided only indirectly.
Although G-d is present everywhere, nonetheless Mount Moriah, the site of the Holy Temple, is the true gateway to heaven and holier than any other place on earth.
Oneness in This World
Kabbalah teaches the nature of unity and separation in our current world.
The Torah repeats the prohibition against mixing meat and milk - two perfectly permissible items - three times, as it is difficult for us to understand that joining two permitted substances into one is harmful to the condition of G-d's universe.

Likewise, as long as there is an evil force at work in our world, G-d and His Name are not one and the same. These two types of holiness are still apart and do not mix.
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