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Courting Disaster
The secret meanings behind the 4 categories of civil liability…
Contrary to the Religious Courts of this world which mete out harsh judgment, unmitigated with mercy. the Religious Court in heaven is the Courthouse of the Divine Presence. It is comprised of three Judges who represent the three Patriarchs: Abraham who represents Loving-kindness, Isaac who represents Judgment and Jacob who represents Truth.
Ascending in a Cloud
The Zohar describes Moses' ascent on Mount Sinai.
"The glory of G-d appeared like a consuming fire on the mountain top"

According to the commentary of Rabbi Abraham Ibn Ezra, Moses was able to ascend the mountain notiwthstanding this fire, for: "Moses went into the cloud" as if he was donning a garment and then, wrapped in the cloud, he was then able to approach the fire and climb to the top of the mountain.
Light of the Luminous Lantern
To behold the Divine Presence, one must have the proper spiritual garments.
When souls ascend to the Garden of Eden, they delight in the radiance of the Luminous Lantern through which light from a higher source flows. The soul enwraps itself in the radiance of another garment to enable it to approach and gaze upon that light.
Six-Sided Celestial Servant
Everyone is given an opportunity to fix him/herself through reincarnation.
The Zohar interprets the verses relating to the laws of slaves as teaching about the nature of reincarnation. Certain souls, from the intermediate level of the spiritual worlds which correspond to the six weekdays, are given six opportunities, i.e. reincarnations, to rectify any blemishes.

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